Switchboards / ATS Switching and Testing

Switchgears are used as preventive and protective mechanism that enables short circuiting of specific circuits without interrupting the flow os the entire electrical system in the facility. they enable isolaation of circuits from power supplies. Idelux specializes in repairing switchgears ranging from high to low voltages. Warning signs for faulty switchgears include bad connections, stripped wiring, rust and corrosion.

Switchboard test1

Switchboard test2

The services provided for Switchboard Servicing and Testing are :

  • Inspection alignment, groundings and connections
  • Removal fo contaminants from all parts of seitch gear
  • Contact resistance check
  • Inspect electrical connections for high resistance
  • ensure that all circuit breakers and fuses are operating efficiently through impulse and cycle testing.
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Ground resistance testing
  • Emergency response to switch gear malfunctions
  • Operational readiness inspection